Strict limits on exhaust emissions make it necessary to comply with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems in more and more commercial vehicles. Adding a urea-water solution that converts harmful nitrogen and harmful gases into water reduces these emissions by up to 80%.

REGEN FILTER urea filters protect sensitive injection nozzles and other parts of the system from wear and extend the service life of the entire dosing unit. These products are characterized by high filtration efficiency, tried and tested suitability for daily use and long service life. In this way, they help ensure that commercial vehicles meet Euro VI standards on emissions.

REGEN FILTER provides the urea filter in kit form, including a compensating element. This reduces the free volume in the enclosure and absorbs pressure forces when the urea-water solution expands at sub-zero temperatures. In this way, the flexible balancing element prevents damage to the system and filter.

REGEN FILTER urea filters are available for all current trucks and buses - in OEM quality.

It is equipped with liquid injection systems that require high performance and reliable filtration in order to meet the requirements of the Current Engines Exhaust Emission Regulations.


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