Hydraulic filters are used in construction machinery. It is the most important equipment that is directly needed for the work machines to work efficiently. Hydraulic filters, which directly affect the performance, are also the most important detail that ensures the long life of the machine.

Hydraulic filters have the function of hydraulic oil filtration. In this way, the filtered hydraulic oil needed for the machine to work in the best way is obtained.

Why is a Hydraulic Filter Necessary?

The main areas of need are;

  • In the automotive industry, they are expressed as automobile hydraulic filters for cars and as truck hydraulic filters for vehicles such as trucks.
  • Compressor hydraulic filters are also needed in systems with compressors.
  • It is also an important filter in mechanics working with internal combustion engine such as generator, generator hydraulic filter is also needed in this area.

Basic Function of Hydraulic Filter

It basically consists of two parts. The first part is the body and the second part is the filter element.

There are five main filtration parts in the hydraulic system.

  • Suction line
  • Pressure line
  • Return line
  • Cooling and filtration circuit
  • Vent caps

It is known that half of the long-term failures in hydraulic system bearings are caused by particles in the oil. At this stage, the hydraulic filter is activated and the oil; separates solid, liquid and gas based particles.


Why is Hydraulic Filter Important?

The hydraulic filter can be easily integrated into the hydraulic system of the machine. This integrated process takes place independently of the machine's hydraulic system and electrical source. In this way, there is no change in the working principle of the machine.

After the integrated process, more efficient and long-lasting operation of all parts connected to the hydraulic system unit is ensured. Successful filtration of hydraulic oil will prevent parts from losing their function and various deteriorations due to the pollution of this oil in the long run.


Hydraulic Filter Types

It is possible to install hydraulic filters to five different parts of any hydraulic system.

Accordingly, there are different types of hydraulic filters.

  • Suction line filters – These filters are installed in the line or in the tank.
  • Pressure line filters – They are installed after the pump.
  • Return line filters – They are connected to the return line.
  • Cooling and filtration circuit.
  • Vent Caps

As a result, it is important to provide the best filtration for the hydraulic system in question. At this stage, some details need to be taken into account. These details are; durability, filtering power, capacity and longevity can be expressed as.

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