Oil Filters, the main task of this filter equipment, which can usually be reached from the hood of the vehicle, is to separate the harmful particles in the engine oil. For this purpose, the filter has different structural features and thus performs the task of cleaning the oil in the best way. It has the ability to capture up to 97.5% of the particles, the size of which is expressed as OEM or standard, with an average of 15-40 microns in size.

Cellulose-based; Some specially developed oil filters, which also contain plastic fiber material, are also referred to as "cellulose filters". These filters ensure the separation of very small particles up to 3-5 microns up to 40%.

  • The main varieties are;
  • Automobile oil filter
  • Compressor oil filter
  • Generator oil filter
  • Truck oil filter
  • Machine oil filter

It is possible to say that specially developed oil filters perform a higher filtering duty compared to standard OEM filters.


Why is Oil Filter Use Important?

The main purpose of oil filters, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, is to purify the oil you need for the engine to run efficiently. In this context, thanks to the purification of the oil, the engine will run smoothly and fully efficiently in the long run. This will also prevent the engine from consuming more energy than necessary and making more disturbing noises to the environment.

Oil filters are generally the most needed filters in the automotive industry. However, an oil filter is a necessary equipment in different industrial fields of activity and in engine-based mechanics such as generators and compressors, and it plays an important role in the long-term functioning of all mechanics with the relevant "internal combustion" engine without any problems and in full efficiency.


Oil Filters Change

Oil filter change becomes more important if the engine is overused. Because as the engine runs, particles that are likely to damage the engine are formed and some of these particles mix with the oil. Filters come into play at this stage and purify the oil that the engine starts to absorb from harmful particles. As a result, the oil filter of an engine that is used intensively for a long or short time will lose its functionality to a certain extent over time, so the replacement of this filter is important. Therefore, the oil filter of the used internal combustion engine should be maintained and renewed at regular intervals.


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