Air filters; They are filter equipment needed in many fields. The main function of this equipment is to purify the air. There are different types of filters manufactured according to the usage area. Therefore, “Air filters” is a general definition and it is possible to evaluate the special air filter groups that come to the fore under this definition in two main groups as automobile air filters and compressor air filters.


Automobile Air Filter

The air filter is a filter that separates unwanted contaminants. It has a very sensitive separation principle.  The air filter is a very important part in the automotive industry. Also known as truck air filter for trucks.

It directly affects the engine performance of the vehicles. The exact part of the vehicle where the automobile air filter is installed varies according to the engine part of the vehicle. However, this filter is located at the air inlet of the intake manifold as standard.

A vehicle's air filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly. To determine a standard time interval for this, we need to consider how far the vehicle has traveled and how dusty the roads are. Usually, vehicle manufacturers specify the ideal replacement intervals for the air filter of the vehicles. It is possible to obtain information about the subject from the authorized service.

If you need to change the air filter of your vehicle, you must first inform us of the make and model of the vehicle and obtain the filter. It will be enough to remove the filter you have purchased and replace the old filter in the same way.

After the change, you will notice that your engine is working more comfortably and with performance.

Compressor Air Filter

In the fields of industrial activity; There are compressed air filters such as generator air filter and construction equipment air filter. Their main purpose is to ensure that the mechanisms they are connected to work efficiently. In this context, they have a very strong suction power.

Compressor air filter should be regularly maintained and replaced if necessary. Otherwise, unnecessary energy consumption and costs will arise. Therefore, if we talk about the importance of air filters in terms of industrial equipment; It is an extremely important equipment in terms of the longevity of these mechanics.

All you have to do for the filter equipment you need is to contact us.

We supply the filter you need and provide technical support.


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