Separator filters are equipment that separates the particles in the water content. This filter system also basically separates substances heavier than water. Therefore, separator filters are required in almost all water-based projects.
The separator filters used as compressors can separate the particles in the water up to 70-110 microns. It is frequently preferred in the industrial field as it is a very economical water filtration method.

If we need to express it in terms of working logic; It works with centrifugal force. It is ensured that the dirty water passes through the separator at the stage of entering the pipe, and that the heavy particles from the water are separated in a certain direction in the content of this filter. The said parts are collected in the chamber defined as the particle collection chamber. In this way, the parsing process is completed successfully.

Separator Filters Basic Features

Due to its features and advantages, the separator filter is highly preferred in industrial water-based projects.
Accordingly, the main features, functionality and advantages are;


  • Separation of heavier than water particles up to 70-110 microns in water content
  • Filtration between 1 m3/hr-5000 m3/hr
  • Filter cleaning is generally easy and does not require constant maintenance.
  • It is very easy to apply to the project
  • No extra cost
  • Being a very economical filtering method

Working mechanism of separator filter; It can be preferred as manual or motorized.
The general material structure can also be preferred as stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Separator Filters?

In fact, we think that the most important issue in filter selection is the correct micron level. As a matter of fact, at the stage of using a pond, full efficiency can only be achieved by filtering the water completely. This is a matter of choosing the right micron.

The choice of micron affects the efficiency of the water-based system as well as the energy to be spent. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable micron level separator filters, taking into account the main purpose of the enterprise.

In fact, choosing the right micron is also an issue that needs to be emphasized. When you contact us, we are ready to provide the most suitable equipment, taking into account the criteria such as the working principle of the installation and system and the purpose of your business.


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