Engine speed is converted to road speed in a controlled manner by the transmission. The need for modern transmissions to handle more revolutions, smooth operation and reliable function requires more attention to transmissions than oil purity.

That's why transmission filters have to meet more stringent standards. REGEN FİLTER transmission filters offer unique and modern solutions to meet the complex requirements of a wide variety of transmission designs.

There are basically two types of transmission oil filters – suction and pressure filters.

Suction filters are used in automatic transmissions and are placed in the crankcase of the transmission as compact flatbed filters. The oil is absorbed by the filter and the oil pump is cleaned during this process. REGEN FILTER transmission filters offer a high level of protection against engine wear by combining modern, effective filter materials in a compact design.

Superior filter materials have been adapted in a filter bag or pleated form to meet specific requirements such as installation space, oil purity and low differential pressure.

Pressure filters are used to complement the intake filters in innovative designs such as CVT or dual-clutch transmissions and in manual transmissions where high standards of oil purity are required.

REGEN FILTER transmission oil filters, with their very small filter materials, provide high oil purity and therefore maximum protection against wear to sensitive transmission components. REGEN FILTER transmission filters are available as a filter component for use in the pressurized portion of the oil circuit or as a spin-on filter screwed into the transmission.


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