The Air Dryer Filter basically has the task of separating the harmful particles in the air.  The main advantage of this dryer filter is that it separates the moisture in the air. In this way, it dries the humid air and a high quality air is obtained. Air dryer filters are also known as compressed air dryers. This filter has the task of purifying the humidity in the system where the air is used. Because the humidity in the system will damage the system in the long run. These damages not only negatively affect the operation of the system, but also cause a decrease in the efficiency of the project in which the system is integrated. It consumes more energy and therefore more costs. Therefore, the air dryer filter plays a more important role than it is thought, and it is important to renew a filter that has been in use for a long time.



When choosing between air dryer filters, it is necessary to examine the system in general. In this way, data on the pneumatic system used and the lowest ambient temperature are obtained. In line with these data, the most ideal air dryer filter integration can be made for the system.

There is no need to respecify a filter type that has already been determined. In this case, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the only thing that needs to be done is to renew the air dryer filter, which is used sufficiently.



Air dryer filters provide high energy efficiency in the long run. Thanks to the air dryer filter, no extra drain or filter attachments are required in the system. Moreover, since there will be no pressure losses caused by these attachments under normal conditions, we can easily say that energy efficiency will increase significantly.

Moisture filter plays an important role in making air-based engines work more efficiently. Air dryer filter or compressed air filter must be provided. No maintenance is required for the air dryer filter. There is no need for extra labor to prevent malfunctions. It provides benefits in many ways and most importantly extends the life of the mechanics.


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