Fuel filters are a very important part that closely concerns the functionality of the engine. The main task of this piece is; to perform the filtration of the fuel. In this way, harmful particles in the fuel content are separated. There are many harmful particles visible or invisible in the fuel fluid content. It is increasing over time. This results in sending the dirty fuel to the tank and as a result, various malfunctions of the processed dirty fuel. Fuel filters need to be changed at certain time intervals depending on the intensity of use. This time interval varies according to the model of the vehicle.

How to Change Fuel Filter?

How to replace the fuel filter, also known as the diesel filter, in simple terms;

  • For automobile filter change, you must first find the fuel filter. For a car or truck fuel filter, you will usually need to look at the rear. It is in the back right next to the warehouse. On some models it is under the hood. Compressor fuel filter and generator fuel filter are usually integrated into the fuel tank of the mechanism.
  • Taking into account the arrow directions on the filter, the clamps fixing the hose should be removed and replaced with a new one in the same way.

Things to consider in the process of replacing the fuel filter;

  • All kinds of factors that may cause exacerbation should be avoided.
  • The pressure must be reduced before disassembly.
  • It should be ensured that there is no fuel leakage.
  • It should be ensured that there is no leakage after the replacement.

As a result, the replacement of diesel filters is a process that can cause serious dangers if the relevant safety criteria are not met. Therefore, it is best to have the procedure done by a knowledgeable technical personnel.


When to Change Fuel Filter?

Just like the other filters used in the mechanical parts of the vehicle, the fuel filter also needs to be changed at a certain period. How long the time interval will be taken as a basis for this is completely related to the model of the vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers have already determined the ideal periods. At this stage, vehicle users should contact the relevant technical service and learn the fuel filter replacement period.

Fuel filters that affect fuel performance more than expected; It is important for the vehicle to be used in full efficiency, to be changed in the processes to be determined depending on the intensity of use. You can get full performance by having your vehicle's filter maintenance and renewal done. It will be sufficient to contact us for the fuel filters equipment you need.


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